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Bakery Production Equipment.

Bakery Production Equipment supplies all the bakery machines and equipment that your bakery will need.

Tortilla - Pita - Bagel and Pizza Equipment.
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--- Tortilla Equipment ---
--- Pita Equipment ---

New Custom made for your needs & space: PITA BREAD SYSTEM

Manufacture: Bimatic
Dough Divider-Rounder
Primary Proofer
dough flattner
Final Proofer
Gas Tunnel Oven
Cooling conveyor: Can be made for the space available.
Fork Mixers also available
complete, NEW, Shipped & Installed with Warranty. At a Great Price.
Also individual pieces available.

--- Bagel Equipment ---

AM Manufacturing Bagel Machine
Manuf. 1996
Single Bank Bagel Divider & Former
Rotating Knife Divider
Model: RK 2100
Gentle Knife Cutting Action
Can achieve production of up to 225 up to 400 dz per hr, depending on the size.
Divides from 1 up to 7 oz.
Excellent Condition


Precisely measures the dough portions for Bagels

also can be used for Rolls, & Energy Bars
Horizontal Belt driven Formers
Production Rate: 3,000 PPH
Serviced & Ready to ship.

--- Pizza Equipment ---

Grote PeppoMatic

2 Lane
4 Head
dispenses sliced Pepporoni
Food condition

--- Crossant Equipment ---


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